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I was never athletic growing up. It wasn't until 10+ years ago that I became fit doing yoga/bikram, running and some kick boxing. I started Rachel's boot camp class and training one on one with her on occasion in April 2013 and I have seen a total transformation. Its like nothing I have done in the past 10 years. I feel much stronger and much more confident. I am wearing 2 sizes smaller and weigh 7 lbs. less. Every class is totally different and engaging, it is not boring at all and that was what I would find with so many other things I have tried in the past. Rachel is awesome, kind, fun, such a good person. Not only is she terrific, but the people who go to New Beginnings are the best and make 45 minutes of pretty hard core working out, feel less hard because we are always laughing and having a good time.


At last year's Haworth 5K, I ran faster than I have ever – about an 8 min 24 sec mile. I haven't been running as much this year, so I was hopeful to at least get to the same time, maybe a bit better. I ran a 7 min 55 sec mile and came in 5th in my age group! WOO-HOO and I attribute this to Rachel. And my body isn't killing like it did the day after the 5K last year.


I am so lucky to have moved around the corner from her…it may sound corny, but she has changed my life! I love you, Rachel! -Catharine

"I hit the 25 lb mark today....Go me!" 

Thank you all! And especially thank you to Rachel Stein-Mullin, who keeps me going. Couldn't ask for a better trainer! I know I'm not always the easiest client to come up with programs for...but I do it all...and so appreciate the effort you put in! -Kristin

Boot Camp was a life, mind and body altering experience. I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do and the changes I've seen have been remarkable. I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been. It is the best gift I have ever given myself.-Jackie

 "I love NB Boot Camp! The early morning sessions Rachel are FANTASTIC! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I am in so much better shape now than I have been in years. I really appreciate the way she injects timely humor into the hard workouts."- Stephen

 In the 2 years that I have known Rachel, she has guided me through a journey of transforming my body and mind.  Not only has she been an inspiration, but also a counselor & a friend.  She was the driving force behind me finally understanding how important eating well and daily exercise are in one’s life, not only from a physical perspective, but also a mental one.  With her unconditional support & guidance, she helped pave my road to a healthy lifestyle and overall well being.- Kim


Rachel introduced me to strength and endurance training and she continues to be a source of inspiration. She is dedicated and always looking to help people achieve their goals. -Mala

I had such a GREAT experience with NB Boot Camp!  Rachel showed us the proper techniques when working out to help keep our bodies sound.  The classes were fun and energetic, but pushed you to work hard.  The other women who participated in the classes were all so sweet and I was so comfortable working out with them!  I can't wait for the next session of Boot Camp to begin!  ---Heather

I was pretty skeptical about Boot Camp.  I have done every kind of exercise that there is and lost and gained tons of weight.  I was at an all time high and my 13 year old daughter wanted to go so I joined her.  Four and a half months later I feel great.  I have dropped a good amount of weight and can do pushups without falling on my face.  I even notice some "cuts" around the muscles in my arms.  


Rachel makes it really fun to work your butt off!  I sweat and we laugh.  Thanks so much! - Carole


Rachel Mullin

New Beginnings Personal Training

Ace Certified PT/Group fitness Instructor/TRX Cert

Nutrition & Health Coach