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            ONE-ON-ONE PT SESSIONS (1 hour or 1/2 hour sessions):


  • These are 1 hour or 1/2 hour sessions.

  • At this time I will get to know you, discuss your goals, establish your fitness level so I can design an individualized program for you.

  • Workouts will include weight lifting, core training, balance, stamina, medicine balls, stability balls, resistance bands, Intervals and stretching, all according to your individual goals. 

  • I also teach boxing using both pads and a heavy bag to all levels

          SMALL GROUP TRAINING (2-3 people)

  • 1 hour sessions

  • Same type of workout as above, except I will design the program to accomodate more than 1 person

  • These workouts are extremely enjoyable in that, not only are they less expensive per person, but the energy is great. There is alot of support and often some healthy competition, which tend to make it more motivating than one-on-one.

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